Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!!!

Hello all :)

Hope all of your pre-Turkey Day festivities are going well! I braved the stores today (a few things I couldn't get yesterday, but thank God I only saved those things for today). Not sure what the heck I was thinking. Oh lord. Everywhere I turned I was running over someone's toes, or bumping into their cart. My shining moment was running into the cheese aisle basket thing. Talk about classy ;)

On another note, my kids were FANTASTIC!! Dizzy is normally a challenge, but he was a doll. The oldest and youngest are always good. I was so proud! :)

The cashier kid was saying he had to work tomorrow. I felt bad for him :( Maybe I should bring him some turkey!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting? Cooking? Celebrating? Decorating? Eating?

I'm hosting and eating and cooking. And decorating!!! I'm so stoked for noon to come I can't wait!!!!!!!!! In the morning we watch the parade, and then as Santa waves, I run to grab my Christmas socks and the music goes on!! It's a tradition and I love it :)

I'm really hoping we watch the RIGHT Macy's parade this year! Last year we spent the first two hours watching the wrong one. It was Macy's, but not NBC or whoever usually does it. No stars, no singing, we all thought the economy  had really affected the parade too lol. It was sad. But this year, my TV goes on the RIGHT channel at 9:00!!

Who are your guests? It's going to be myself, my hubby, Bean, Dizzy, and J-bug, our furry kiddos (2 dogs, 2 cats), my sister, and probably her puppy :) My parents are away this year (sad face) and we will miss them SO much, but we're going to have some holiday fun when they get back :)

Well I suppose I should hop off here and get to working on the rest of my Turkey Day stuff!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and remember everything you are grateful for :) I know I have A LOT to be grateful for!!

** insert really cute picture here, but it won't upload** BOOOOOO :)

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