Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Infamous 'About Me' Post

I tried to sum myself up in the little window they allow in the 'About Me' section. Not gonna happen. I'm far too complicated for that. So I figured a post dedicated to it would be better. Editable as I think of new facts, yet kept in one easily accessible area.

If you and I are strangers, you'll find more out about me than you ever wanted to know. If you already know me, I guarantee you will find out at least 3 things that you didn't know :)

~ I love water
~ I am notorious for my awesome comebacks..... 15 minutes too late
~ I have a really weak stomach (developed a few years ago). Food and reptiles don't mix
~ I love my family and friends
~ I'm afraid of being alone
~ I hate the dark. It scares me
~ I believe in ghosts
~ I'm certain I have a guardian angel
~ I despise typos and grammatical errors. Although I make them on occasion
~ I suck at keeping secrets (unless you ask me in seriousness)
~ I love Christmas, and all that it entails.
~ Hot chocolate is amazing
~ I'm a very passionate person
~ I love sneezing. It seriously feels so good
~ If you yawn, I will too
~ Batter and dough taste considerably better than their baked counterparts
~ I envy a lot of people
~ I can't handle a stuffy nose. I turn into a monster :)
~ I'm incredibly grateful for the blessings in my life
~ 3 is my lucky number
~ I spell words for fun
~ I am incapable of speaking in public
~ I adore animals
~ I'm almost always late. Unless I try really hard
~ I hate paper cuts
~ I like the smell of coffee but I hate the way it tastes
~ I'm done eating chocolate. You would be too if you knew what I knew ;P
~ I'm intrigued by medicine
~ It is my dream/goal to become a bestselling author
~ I often feel awkward
~ I think very carefully before I say something. Except when I don't, and then it's bad
~ I want a unicorn
~ I will always believe you
~ Gullible is my middle name (no, not seriously)
~ I used to hate my name. It's growing on me now :)

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